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The Dilemma, is a comedy film, distributed by Universal Pictures. Directed by ROn Howard. 

The Dilemma, is the film talks about Vince Vaughn and Kevin James the heading an that made up of famous top performers comedy film. The movie main point is that what you do not tell to a friend is nothing more as essential as what you do. The Dilemma, a film that talks about however far you can curve a brotherly attachment ahead it breaks down. Ronny, a bachelor since college and his friend Nick who is married and happy, thay have been done through thick and thin. At present, they are better half in a firm that design auto, the 2 friend are competing to a bring a dream project that would establish their company. With thier own "girls" in their side always, (Rony's girlfriend Beth and Nick's wife- Geneva), they are unbeatable. But Ronny's world is became complicated and turned up side down when he  unknowingly sees Geneva dated another man and build it his missin to get answers. As the he pursues a study as a pastime investigation gradual transition from one scene to the next his world into comic mayhem, he discovers that Nick has his own secrets of his own. Rightaway, with the time passes and pressure build up on the biggest presentation of their careers. Ronny must decide on how and when he must reveal the truth to his bestfriend-

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